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I am a young artist from from St. Louis, Missouri. My passion for art started when I was in grade school, drawing my favorite characters from shows and games. As my love for drawing grew, I decided to pursue a career in the arts. I attended Webster University, where I earned my B.F.A. in Illustration and a minor in Animation.

During my later semesters in college, I discovered the world of digital art and fell in love with it. However, I still find myself drawn to traditional mediums like paint and graphite. As a young black woman, I strive to establish my value and worth in the art and entertainment community. My art is a reflection of my past and present interests, often featuring figures, faces, and characters. My digital portraits have a charming, intimate, supernatural, and aesthetically pleasing quality. As I continue to refine my skills, I hope to develop my niche and personal style through self-expression.

Recently, I have taken on freelance illustration work, which has enabled me to grow as an entrepreneur and an artist. I am keen on expanding my portfolio and fostering lasting relationships with clients.


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